MetaTrader iOS Banned: Alternative Online Trading Experience for Apple Users

MetaTrader iOS Banned: Alternative Online Trading Experience for Apple Users

Traders who have been accustomed to using legacy platforms such as MT4 and MT5 for years now have to face a new reality as the apps have been banned by Apple. Applications will continue to work on the iOS operating system. However, they will not receive updates, which means that users may experience significant difficulties with their assets. 

The decision was made based on numerous negative reviews. It is still unclear whether the applications will be restored. However, traders cannot sit back and wait until they can use the popular platforms again. So far, this does not affect Android users, since Google has not removed the applications from the Play Market. 

So, if you haven't put all your eggs in one basket and have made smart investments, then you have the option to consider the MetaTrader alternative to keep trading. There are many other highly rated platforms on the App Store that are in demand by many traders. We will talk about what alternatives you have if you are an iOS user. 

Great alternatives for iOS users


If you want to get a complete set of advanced tools for technical analysis, you need to use this platform. You can use the platform on a variety of devices as it is available as a mobile app, desktop app as well as a web app. Its main feature is that even if you use different versions of the platform on various devices, then all your data will be synchronized. The mobile application is especially convenient to use because it is optimized for any model of your smartphone. 

Thanks to a large variety of advanced tools and features, you can easily find assets for investment. The platform also features a large community of traders who can help educate newbies.

You can find any assets that are of most interest to you. Here are available as CFDs, foreign exchange, digital currencies, stocks, and much more.

MetaTrader iOS Banned: Alternative Online Trading Experience for Apple Users

Robin Hood

It is a simple and easy-to-use application with an intuitive design. When it first appeared on the market, it attracted attention with its zero fees, which forced the rest of the big players in the market to lower their fees to retain users. 

There are many assets available for users to invest in, which is a big advantage. However, many experienced users note that they lack advanced financial tools that would come in very handy. 

This is a good start for beginners as the platform offers a lot of educational content to improve their trading skills. There is also a web version of the platform, which is not much different from the mobile version. Thus, you can find the same assets, orders, and features, which gives you an increased level of flexibility. 


The platform offers users the most up-to-date market data as well as news related to finance. It has won the hearts of traders because, using it, they can use advanced tools to monitor their portfolios. In addition, in the application, you can use effective customization and personalization tools. This will allow you to customize the application for your needs. 

It is convenient and easy to use and features stable functionality. One of the big benefits is that traders can access up-to-date trading materials. In the application, you can find a lot of audio files, as well as training videos. In addition, you can also keep up to date with new guides, tips, insights, tutorials, and more. 

MetaTrader iOS Banned: Alternative Online Trading Experience for Apple Users

Yahoo Finance

When it comes to current financial news, you won't find a better platform. By customizing your notifications, you can receive data that is relevant to you in real-time. You can customize your personal lists to keep track of the news of the companies you are interested in. 

Overall, the biggest advantage of the app is that it contains tons of useful information as well as valuable links for every trader, both beginner and experienced. You can get relevant information about large holders, historical financial performance, and much more. 

You can track stocks, bonds, futures, commodities, world indices, and currencies in real-time. If you are interested in stocks, then you can use interactive charts for comparative analysis. 


When it comes to social trading as well as cryptocurrency trading, you won't find a better platform than this one. If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you get access to a huge number of digital currencies. In this case, you do not need to worry about the deposit. The platform offers one of the widest ranges for depositing funds. Users can deposit funds using PayPal as well as credit cards. 

In addition, you will get access to powerful tools. This includes advanced tools for technical analysis, market research, and more. Smart investors will appreciate the opportunity to create diversified portfolios. The advantage is that you won't have to pay to create and manage them. 


iOS users have a plethora of alternative trading platforms due to the blocking of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. The aforementioned mobile trading apps have a good reputation and offer users a wide variety of advanced tools. Depending on your needs, you can choose the most suitable platform.