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Stock Trading Software

Stock Trading Software

While stock trading software can prove very useful, its benefits are limited by our knowledge of stock trading, our own trading experience and our level of patience. The type of stock trading software that is best for you is dependent on your trading style, your trading goals, and your budget. There are many different types of stock trading software from which you can choose, but there are a few that rank more frequently at the top among the list.

One of the proven well-established stock trading platform is Fidelity . The Fidelity broker software is suitable for both beginner and advanced traders. One of the benefits of using this trading broker is the fact that the commissions are relatively low, and there is a wide range of investment choices from which investors and traders may choose. In fact, Fidelity offers more than 90 ETFs, most of which are commission free and the platform also offers a variety of analytical tools which can help traders and investors to make better trading and investment decisions.

Another excellent online trading platform that is ranking among the top is Trading View . This platform is noted for the wide variety of powerful charts that traders and investors have at their disposal. The platform is among the largest social trading networks available, making it possible for traders and investors to communicate with each other and to discuss and share trading ideas with each other. It is possible to use Trading View from an iPad since the software does not require any high tech requirements to function properly.

Trading View also offers more than 50 intelligent drawing tools, high level price scaling, as well as the ability to use and compare several different symbols on a chart. Traders are able to receive trading alerts which inform on indicators, drawing tools, and pines. Because of the powerful charting feature, Trading View provides excellent technical analysis opportunities and resources. If you are new to the software or new to trading, Trading View offers the opportunity to test the system through demo accounts prior to making investments with real money. In addition, Trading View offers broad market data coverage, including fundamental data from both local and global markets, economic calendars, custom time intervals and more.

For traders who prefer to direct their own trades, Ally Invest may be a great option. For traders or investors who want to actively manage their own investments, two platforms are available – Classic and Ally Invest Live. The live platform is more versatile and is the default platform for new traders. Classic, on the other hand is a simple trading platform that offers basic charting tools as well as trading analysis tools. One drawback of the Ally Invest trading software and platform however, is that it offers very limited trading education tools.

For experienced traders, TD Ameritrade is ranked among the best. This platform is noted for its comprehensive set of trading tools as well as its vast social media trading capabilities. The platform is also customizable. One drawback of Ameritrade is its high broker-assisted trading fees.