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AI Executive Forum: Oracle’s AI Capabilities Receive Wall Street Analysts' Approval

AI Executive Forum: Oracle’s AI Capabilities Receive Wall Street Analysts' Approval

Oracle's AI Executive Forum: An Overall Positive Reviews and Analysis

Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) recently organized its AI Executive Forum where they presented their AI-related capabilities and strategies through their different products. Wall Street analysts responded to the event with numerous insightful observations and comments.

Mizuho: Oracle is Expanding its AI Offerings

Mizuho analysts, who retain a Buy rating with a projected price of $150, expressed that Oracle seems to be setting up OCI superclusters for handling the spiraling necessity for AI workloads. They argued that the revenue guidance that has been extended for FY24 ignores the significant contributions of the AI bookings approximating to more than $4 billion. Mizuho post-event analysis indicates an increased confidence in Oracle's approach to employ AI for the enhancement of product offering range and to escalate its competitive appeal.

Wolfe Research: Demand for Oracle's AI Services are High

At Wolfe Research, the prevalent Outperform rating and $140 expected price remained unchanged. The analysts reported their take-away message that the requirement for AI services is in no way dwindling. On the contrary, Oracle is advancing its innovation machinery with regular upgrades on every level of its technological stack. They reiterated the high-frequency demand for AI services and expressed that this appetite for AI is playing a significant role in triggering down innovations.

JPMorgan: Oracle is Capitalizing GenAI Opportunities

The analysts from JPMorgan appreciated Oracle's concerted efforts in showcasing its platform potentials into the growing field of GenAI possibilities. They highlighted that the increase in demand is outpacing the growth in supply.

Guggenheim: Acknowledging Oracle's Innovation

Analysts at Guggenheim reaffirm the fact known to them since their acquaintance with Oracle that it is indeed a revolutionary company. They cited the company as consistently developing new technologies driven by unique ideas while simultaneously absorbing advancements from the wider tech community. This dual strategy is resulting in providing their customers with the best possible technology. They perceive AI as a potential game-changer for Oracle to offer greater value to its customers.

Goldman Sachs on Oracle's AI innovations

Analysts at Goldman Sachs believe that Oracle's innovations in both OCI and cloud applications over the mid-term would augment their ability to fulfill the F26 revenue target of $65bn. The triggers would be Gen-AI features in SaaS sparking on-prem conversions, legacy displacements, and AI services in the infrastructure layer will support incremental share of new workloads.

Evercore ISI's Insight on Oracle's AI Potential

According to the Evercore ISI's analysis, Oracle is perfectly positioned to seize the enterprise-level AI mindshare due to their potential of providing an all-inclusive 'suite' vendor service to its customers. They are optimistic about the sustainable growth prospects for Oracle's units such as OCI and Strategic Apps, further propelling overall revenue growth in the coming years.

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