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Purple Strike Indicator

Purple Strike Indicator

We are introducing a unique indicator that was months in the development.

We spent a long time coming up with the ideal mathematical formula that could capture the starts and ends of trends, with no disturbing influences – meaning without short-term corrections, which often interrupt the main trend.

When developing the Purple Strike Indicator, we wanted to avoid some key aspects (ailments), which define the majority of today’s indicators:

We can say that today it is impossible to find an indicator that doesn’t display any of the above-mentioned errors and shortcomings. That is a serious problem as these imperfections render the indicators completely unusable.

Well, let’s be honest – creating an indicator that doesn’t fit into any of the above-mentioned groups is nearly impossible.

But why not try? Our goal was clear – to create and indicator that tries to eliminate all the above-mentioned issues. And while nothing is perfect, we can try to get as close to perfection as possible!

Purple Strike Indicator is not flawless, but we dare say it is a very good and useful trading tool, which provides valuable information to its users. Despite the indicator being based on a very complicated analytical model, the end user (the trader) will have no problem reading it as it simply and clearly shows the expected market movement.

Based on the analysis of millions of historical data, we created a mathematical model that can predict market movement and identify the current start of a trend. Even an indicator as advanced as ours isn’t flawless and can sometimes display a false signal. However, based on our evaluation, its predictions are very interesting.

The only thing you will have to set as a user is the period of the indicator. The value is set at 5 by default, because that is, according to our subjective analysis, the ideal value for most time frames.

But naturally, it always depends on the market and the time frame you choose. If you want the indicator to react at lightning speed, you can set the period at 3. If you prefer long and undisturbed trends, you can set the period at 10 or 20.

The final setting of the indicator period is only up to you.

Why is Purple Strike Indicator unique?

How can you get this indicator for FREE?

  • It displays very few false signals.
  • When it does change color (displays a signal), the chances are a new trend is starting.
  • There is no frantic repainting every second.
  • It never repaints on closed candlesticks.
  • It efficiently predicts trends.
  • When it signals a trend, it isn’t influenced by correction.
  • It can often signal a trend all the way to the very end.
  • It can often identify a trend right from the beginning – it is not delayed.

Purple Strike Indicator works on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform exclusively on our servers – i.e. Purple Trading servers. If you don’t have a trading account yet (demo or real), you can sign up here:

Launching the Purple Strike indicator is very simple:

Best luck in trading with our Purple Strike Indicator!

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