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Waka Waka EA Review - #1 Rated MetaTrader 4/5 Expert Advisor

Waka Waka EA Review - #1 Rated MetaTrader 4/5 Expert Advisor

Waka Waka is a grid trading system that goes beyond merely fitting historical data like typical Expert Advisors do. Instead, it leverages market inefficiencies to generate profits. The developer claims that, unlike other unreliable systems, Waka Waka EA actually uses market mechanics to its advantage.

With so many scam projects in the Forex trading industry, traders are cautious about unfamiliar Expert Advisors. This leads us to the question of whether Waka Waka is a reliable EA or just another internet scam. To address this question, we will provide a comprehensive review of the Expert Advisor in this article. Keep reading to learn more about Waka Waka EA.

The Brains Behind It: Valeriia Mishchenko

Valeriia Mishchenko is a respected figure in the MQL market for her exceptional work in creating top-rated Expert Advisors. Her expertise in developing algorithmic trading systems, gained from over a decade of experience, has enabled her to achieve more in a shorter time than many other developers.

One of her systems has a remarkable account growth of over 6350% and has maintained over 58 consecutive months of profitability. These impressive results are verifiable through her authenticated MyFxBook profile and the live signals on her MQL market profile. Valeriia Mishchenko is different from other developers. She goes the extra mile to offer one-on-one support, something unusual in the EA niche. If needed, she also provides remote desktop configuration assistance.

What Does Waka Waka Offer?

To achieve sustained success in trading like the top performers in the industry, it is crucial to have a trading system that produces positive results consistently over an extended period. As an experienced trader, you know that an algo-trading system cannot be considered "proven" without at least two years of track-record results. Therefore, it is essential to rely on trading systems that not only generate positive returns but also maintain them over time.

Waka Waka EA, for instance, has recently achieved an unprecedented feat of +58 consecutive profitable months on a live account since its publication in July 2018, resulting in an account growth of over +6350%. This outstanding achievement confirms that Waka Waka EA is not only the most profitable EA but also the most stable.

Waka Waka EA Review - #1 Rated MetaTrader 4/5 Expert Advisor

Waka Waka EA Auto-Trading

Unfortunately, not everyone possesses a natural talent for forex trading, and many people struggle with its intricacies, leading them to give up. Waka Waka EA offers good news for those who wish to try forex trading but lack knowledge of the markets. With Waka Waka, you can use auto-trading and let the robot handle challenging tasks while you concentrate on other essential matters.

The system operates 24/7 and constantly scans the market for profitable exchange opportunities, ensuring you don't miss out on any lucrative trades. Since robots don't get tired, you can trust Waka Waka to keep searching for profitable trades, even when you are not actively monitoring the markets.

Additionally, to ensure you are conversant with how Waka Waka works, Valeriia provides an 80-page detailed PDF guide. This includes video and photo demonstrations on how to go about everything, including the modern user dashboard for handling licenses.

Waka Waka EA Review - #1 Rated MetaTrader 4/5 Expert Advisor

Accurate Profit Calculator

Waka Waka EA is not your usual Expert Advisor that leaves you hanging on profit calculation. With the different built-in risk settings, you can choose whether to take high or low risks. Profit earned depends on several things, including initial deposit amount, risk setting, and time span. You need a calculator for an accurate estimation.

You will find the calculator on the user dashboard, which is easy to navigate. Fill in your details as required, and the calculator will project the estimated total profit, monthly gain, and drawdown. However, keep in mind that the markets are volatile, and these are just estimates and not accurate indications of what you will earn in the future.

Waka Waka EA Review - #1 Rated MetaTrader 4/5 Expert Advisor

Try It for Free

If you are not ready to jump in and spend your money getting a license, you can try the expert advisor for free for 14 days. After all, it is only fair that you see what you will be paying for beforehand. With the free trial, you will have access to Waka Waka's user-friendly dashboard.

Money-Back Guarantee

Suppose you pay for the license and realize along the way you don't want to proceed with Waka Waka, you can easily revoke everything. Waka has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy where users are guaranteed to get a refund.

However, note that the refund request has to be sent within 30 days of your subscription. This is better than what the MQL market offers – 7 days only. Additionally, most Expert Advisor providers don't even give the refund option. Why not try Waka Waka EA today?

Not Yet Convinced?

That's totally understandable, as you have to tread carefully when it comes to Forex Exchange Trading. Thousands of forex traders trust Waka Waka and have left reviews across numerous platforms, such as the MQL5 market and TrustPilot. The Expert Advisor has been rated with a 5-star from hundreds of verified clients' reviews. Additionally, there are +20 exhaustive video testimonials of clients showing their accounts and results. You can also join Waka Waka's telegram community, with over 550 active members.

How to Get the License

The purchase package includes a ValeryVPS,, customized with the EA installed and ready to go for six months. This is one of the best reasons to use Waka Waka; no Expert Advisor will offer you such privileges on the market. Additionally, the Expert Advisor comes with more than 50 customizable parameters, including four different risk management profiles, ranging from low to high, to fit any risk appetite.


The Forex Expert Advisor niche has numerous developers, some genuine, some scammers. When you don't know what to look for, it is easy to get right into the scammers' traps. Waka Waka EA does not promise to skyrocket your profits overnight, but if you trust the process and patiently wait, you will reap good results. Waka has more proof of genuineness on the internet than any other Expert Advisor. What's even better is you can get a free 14-day trial. Try Waka Waka EA; change your forex trading experience.

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