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Arrow Trading Entry Points Pro Indicator

Arrow Trading Entry Points Pro Indicator

Arrow trading indicator Entry Points Pro for mt4 is an indicator built on an exclusive algorithm and provides accurate signals to enter trades without redrawing or lagging. It is suitable for trading currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, metals, stocks, indices and shows the best results on the M15 and higher timeframes.

Entry Points Pro gives signals to enter a trade at any price movement - both trend and flat.

At the same time, additional settings and filters help filter out false signals, signals against the trend, as well as signals to enter a trade with a potentially high risk.

Indicator settings

In addition to visual color settings, this indicator contains period settings and signal filtering. There is an option to display statistics for a specified number of days. There is also a useful signal alert feature.

Arrow Trading Entry Points Pro Indicator

Indicator signals

Entry Points Pro is very easy to understand. It does not require any special technical analysis skills. When a buy signal occurs, a blue upward arrow appears on the chart. With a reverse sell signal, a red downward arrow appears. Also, the appearance of each signal is accompanied by a sound notification.

Note that in addition to the red and blue buy and sell arrows, sometimes gray up or down arrows appear on the chart. These are "insecure" signals. When working with this indicator, it is recommended to ignore these signals.

In addition to the visual arrows on the chart, each signal is accompanied by a number that determines the potential profit in points from the current trade.


In addition to the above options for this arrow indicator, when working with it, you will also notice a small statistics panel in the upper left corner. This panel shows the user the statistics of the indicator's operation. By default, it shows data on the number of signals, the percentage of profitable / unprofitable trades and the total profit in points.

As mentioned above, it is recommended to use longer timeframes when working with this indicator. The higher the timeframe, the clearer the signal. At the same time, an increase in the timeframe inevitably leads to a decrease in the number of signals. On the other hand, the number of signals is a minor thing in trading, and the quality of the signals is the priority.

Before starting work on a live account, we recommend that you research Entry Points Pro on a demo account in real time. So you can understand the approximate logic of the signals and select the optimal parameters for real trading.

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