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Ea 30 Minute Macd Trend Following Based On Fxtr Unique Strategy

Ea 30 Minute Macd Trend Following Based On Fxtr Unique Strategy

The Fx Trading Revolution website introduces various FX trading strategies. The EA (automatic trading software) introduced this time is based on this "30-Minute MACD Forex Trading Strategy," which is one of the trading strategies published on this site.

The rules are slightly changed for this EA, but essentially, the strategy is kept the same. "Is this strategy working well?" If you have any doubts, please continue reading below where you can also download the EA for free.

forex metatrader ea expert advisor profitable results backtest

Results of optimization and backtesting. ATR stop is used on USDJPY hourly chart (ATR is 3), short-term moving average line is 30, long-term moving average line is 50, other parameters are standard values. Test period is from August 2017 to August 2019.

Indicators used:

  • 2 Moving averages (short-tern and long-term)
  • MACD
  • CCI
  • ATR

Entry logic:

This EA will place a buy order if the following conditions are met (for sell orders the reverse conditions apply):

  • CCI is 0 or more
  • MACD MACD line is 0 or more
  • The short-term moving average exceeded the long-term moving average

Entry logic is only confirmed when a new candlestick is created.

Exit logic:

This EA will close the buy order if any of the following conditions are met (the reverse for sell orders):

  • CCI is 0 or less
  • MACD line is 0 or less
  • Short-term moving average is below long-term moving average

The following two methods are available for cutting losses:

  • Stop loss (set by parameter)
  • Stop loss using ATR (set by parameter)

By the way, it is also possible to set take profit orders via the parameters. By default, Take Profit is set to 0.


Originally, this trading strategy is premised on the 30-minute time frame, but it can be used at other time frames as well. Also, this strategy can be a typical trend-following technique, so it's perfect for those who want to make good profits on the trend. In fact, like other trend-following methods, this EA has a low win rate, but it has a lot of large profits that outweigh the losses in the end.

Compatibility: MT4


Basic parameters:

  • TakeProfit
  • StopLoss
  • UseATRStop - Defines whether the EA uses ATRStop or not.If true,the EA sets stoploss based on ATR.
  • ATR - Multiplier of ATRStop.
  • Lots
  • TrailingStop

Indicator parameters:

  • FastMAPeriod - The period used for calculating the short-term moving average
  • SlowMAPeriod - The period used for calculating the long-term moving average
  • CCIPeriod - The period used for CCI calculation
  • ADX line
  • Shift - Shift of indicators

Note: Backtest results may be optimized. Also, the backtest results may differ from the trading results when using a live trading account. Please understand this point before using the EA.

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