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“Flat_Detector” MT4 Volatility Indicator – Read The State Of The Market With A Unique Tool

“Flat_Detector” MT4 Volatility Indicator – Read The State Of The Market With A Unique Tool

Flat_Detector is an outrunning, modified in our company, indicator of volatility, which shows the trader in which of the two phases of the state the market is at a given time. This is a very simple and straightforward tool. You can download this indicator for free on our website at the link below.

“Flat_Detector” can inform you about an emerging trend, or it signals a flat. Thanks to this information, depending on two phases of the state: trend or flat, you can apply strategies corresponding to the current state of the market.

This indicator has no input parameters and is configured for universal application to various trading actives.

On the price chart, Flat_Detector is visualized in a separate window. The indicator has three lines: two green lines that act as the boundaries of the channel and one red line that calculates market volatility.

Indicator signals

When working with Flat_Detector, you should pay attention to the channel width of the indicator.

  • A narrow, relative to the previous state, indicator channel indicates the state of the flat on the market.
  • An expanding channel may indicate an emerging trend.
  • An expanding channel, together with the central red line outside the channel boundaries, can serve as a powerful signal for the emergence of a trend.
  • A break of the lower border of the channel signals a possible emergence of a bull trend, a break of the upper border, on the contrary, can be a sign of a bear trend.

“Flat_Detector” MT4 Volatility Indicator – Read The State Of The Market With A Unique Tool


We recommend using this tool as an initial indicator, with which you can adjust your trading strategy to the current market situation. Use this indicator as an auxiliary tool when building or customizing your trading strategies. For a more accurate determination of the current market conditions, we also recommend applying it to elder time periods, starting with H1. In the Strategies section of our website, you can find examples of trading systems using the Flat_Detector indicator.

Download the “Flat_Detector” MT4 indicator from the button below

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Do you need help with installing this indicator into MT4 for Windows or Mac OS? Our guide HERE will help you.

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