Handy "FractalPrice" MT4 Indicator


Fractals that find valleys and peaks in the market are a mysterious indicator.

Fractal is a major indicator that is standard on MetaTrader 4, but many people have never used it. The indicator "FractalPrice" for MT4 introduced this time has improved such a fractal to make it easier to use.

Example of displaying this indicator on the EuroDollar hourly chart


Normal fractal indicator

The difference should be obvious when compared with the normal fractal indicator. The biggest feature of this indicator is that it shows the price of valleys and peaks. That makes it clear where to enter and exit trades. This can be very useful when you want to trade using fractals.

Tips for use:

1. The valleys and peaks indicated by this indicator used in a breakout strategy are very important price ranges.

After the price breaks through these valleys and peaks (breakout), it is a good idea to place orders in the direction of the breakout. This indicator is also useful if you want to use such a breakout strategy. With this indicator, the prices of the valleys and peaks will be displayed on the chart, so it should be easier to place orders.

2. If you hit the stop loss and the price breaks through the valley or peak, selling and buying may increase at a stretch.

Therefore, when you place an order, it is a good idea to add a stop loss to the nearest valley or peak. This will help to prevent unexpected losses.

Compatibility: MT4


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