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MSC - Multi Symbols Chart

MSC - Multi Symbols Chart

Multi-indicators tend to be considered one of the most beneficial trading indicators because they provide an overview of not just one key factor at a time, but a whole set of such factors.

MSC - Multi Symbols Chart is a brand new unique and at the same time also invaluable assistant, with which you will have at any moment a complete overview not only of what is happening in the area of the main chart, but also all around.

  • Multi Indicator Symbols
  • User Complexity: Very Simple
  • Usability: Gold, Oil, Forex, Stocks, Commodities
  • Compatibility.
  • Free Indicator Updates

Trading with the indicator

As you can see, MSC is not one of the typical trading indicators, as its main task is not to provide important trading signals, but to share information about the current price developments taking place on pre-selected currency pairs and other symbols.

And what good can that do?

For example, if there is a rise on the currency pair "EURUSD", the trader is usually not able to determine whether this happened because of the strengthening of the EURA or the weakening of the USD. However, if the trader uses, for example, three currency pairs containing EURO and three containing USD within the MSC, then almost always the first time the trader looks at these currency pairs, he already knows what caused the movement, which also allows him to react very quickly if necessary.

MSC - Multi Symbols Chart

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