MT4 "Spread_lines" Indicator


One of the basic aspects of trading FX are spreads which are the main cost of this business. Spreads can fluctuate significantly over time and trading profits can be severely compromised as spread costs increase. This MT4 indicator is useful for easily monitoring the spread right inside your charts.

Continue reading below to find out more about the “Spread_Lines” indicator and download it for free. clearly shows the spread values on the chart.

Example of displaying this indicator on the Eurodollar 1-minute chart

Normally, only the selling price is displayed on the MT4 chart. In contrast, this indicator clearly displays the buy and sell prices on the chart. This makes it easier to see visually how wide the spread is.

Also, as shown in the image below, MT4 has a standard function to display the bid price. However, the color and width cannot be specified for the lines that can be displayed with this function.


MT4 standard Ask line

Tips on how to use:

This kind of helpful indicator is certainly something you may want to install in your trading platform. Some people may check the spread from the trade screen one by one, but with this indicator, you can visually check the spread quickly and easily. This will positive affect trading speed and should increase the efficiency of the trader.

The indicator also has a spread adjuster function. This means that the value you put in the spread adjuster will be added to the bid price displayed on the chart.

Compatibility: MT4


  • Ask Line Color
  • Bid Line Color
  • Line Width
  • Line Style
  • Spread Adjuster - Add these values to the Ask line
  • Chart on Foreground
  • Show default Ask Line

Download the "Spread_Lines" MT4 indicator for free from the button below

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Do you need help with installing this indicator into MT4 for Windows or Mac OS? Our guide HERE will help you.