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The FX PERCEPTRON BOT Expert Advisor for Metatrader5

The FX PERCEPTRON BOT Expert Advisor for Metatrader5

Review of innovative development

FX_PERCEPTRON_BOT is an automatic trading algorithm that makes trades in the Forex market without the participation of a trader. This Expert Advisor is designed for trading the EURUSD currency pair.

This is a fairly recent development in the Forex environment. We have tested it and provide you with a full review of this EA.

Bot strategy

In the guide for the bot, the developers of this algorithm claim that the FX_PERCEPTRON_BOT uses self-learning neural networks as a filter when evaluating a clustered slice of the market. The main computing power of the system is taken out to external sources, so FX_PERCEPTRON_BOT is connected to its servers in real time. In this regard, when installing an expert, you should add the url address of its server in the Metatrader 5 settings.

Installation and settings

FX_PERCEPTRON_BOT is installed like all other EAs and indicators, except that you also need to add url to the allowed list for it to work.

Adding url address to the allowed list in the MT5 terminal

Select the Tools tab from the terminal's top menu and click Options from the drop-down list. In the Options window that opens, select the Expert Advisors tab. Check the Allow WebRequest for listed URLs box and click "+" to add

Installation of FX PERCEPTRON BOT

Installing FX_PERCEPTRON_BOT on the EURUSD chart

Open the navigator and drag the Expert Advisor (previously placed in the Experts folder of the MT5 directory) onto the EURUSD chart.

After installing FX_PERCEPTRON_BOT, it will display an information window with instructions and rules that you should follow when trading with this bot. By agreeing to the terms, you will activate the bot and your EURUSD chart will acquire the bluish FX_PERCEPTRON_BOT style.

Input parameters

In the settings of the parameters of the bot itself, there is only one parameter: Risk. By default it is set to Medium.

FX_PERCEPTRON_BOT input parameters

Trading Statistics

The main criterion for choosing any trading system, whether manual or automatic, is trading statistics, i.e. its result.

The undoubted advantage of FX_PERCEPTRON_BOT is the statistics that the developers provide to the users of this bot in real time through the trusted MyFxBook service.


By clicking on the Statistics button in the FX_PERCEPTRON_BOT information window, you will get a QR code by scanning which you will be redirected to the website with system statistics and its changes in real time. At the same time, the trading results of your bot must match the results of these data.


We ran tests for one month of trading FX_PERCEPTRON_BOT and the results are consistent with the results that this bot refers to.


The developers specified all the necessary rules for starting trading with FX_PERCEPTRON_BOT in the bot itself. The user can access these rules by clicking the Guide button in the bot's information window.

Important ones:

  • 1. The bot only trades with hedging account types.
  • 2. The bot only trades the EURUSD currency pair.
  • 3. Minimum deposit from $100.
  • 4. Earned profits are reinvested.

An additional plus, in our opinion, is that the bot developers leave the user the opportunity to change the risk downward.

Next steps

Contacting the developers by email specified in the bot's guide, after a satisfactory month of free use, we found out that the next step for further use is a paid system like Pay As You Go appointed by the developers of this algorithm.

After a free month of use, the user must contact the developers and agree to further cooperation and payment for use in the amount of 30% of the profits received every end of month.

Conclusion based on test results


  • 1. Satisfactory trading results
  • 2. Online matching statistics
  • 3. Interest payment from already received profit
  • 4. Ability to reduce risks at the choice of the trader
  • 5. Fast and friendly user support

Disadvantages :

  • 1. Paid after a month of use
  • 2. Only for USD deposits

Verdict: Definitely one of the unique EAs and deserves attention.

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