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TrendBorder - for Forex with high potential

TrendBorder - for Forex with high potential

Forex, a unique market that changes the lives of millions of people on this planet every day and allows them to fulfill even their most financially demanding wishes.

However, in order for anyone to succeed in the world of Forex today, it is necessary to have not only a certain amount of luck, but also experience and, most importantly, refined trading tools that will ensure an advantage over others. And that is exactly the tool we have here today. It's called TrendBorder and its potential is truly more than exquisite. So don't hesitate and see for yourself.

  • Trend Reversal Indicator
  • User friendly.
  • Usability: Forex, Commodities, Oil
  • Compatibility: MetaTrader 4
  • Free indicator updates

Trading with the indicator

Here again we have one of the semi-autonomous trading indicators, whose main advantage is that the trader does not have to set their input variables in any way, which of course eliminates the following worries about whether the indicator is optimally set.

As for the actual trading with the indicator, its most important component is the two "trend" boundaries (see below - the orange boundary and the green boundary), which reflect the current reversal positions, the hitting of which is considered as an entry signal (entry against the direction of the hit). Since the Trend Border is one of the indicators that can provide very accurate trading signals in case of counter-trend reversals (entry signals in the direction of the medium-term trend), it is very advantageous to use it in tandem together with, for example, the Long Moving Average (Moving Average with a period of 120 - see the chart below blue line).

Caution: In the case of today's indicator, following entry signals against the established trend increases the risk of failure. Thus, it is better not to engage in such trades at all.

TrendBorder - for Forex with high potential

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