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How to Become an Advocate in Dubai

How to Become an Advocate in Dubai

Almost all worldwide jurisdictions are represented in the UAE: The Anglo-Saxon law in the Dubai International Financial Center, the Romano-Germanic legal system in the Emirates, as well as a religious legal system based on Sharia law. The most confusing legal questions arise in this country. That is why the UAE is the best place to get legal experience.

Read on to learn about all registration procedures faced by advocates in Dubai who want to develop a practice here.

Is Foreign Education a Hindrance?

To find a job as an advocate, you will have to make great efforts, because the permit procedure in Dubai is a rather laborious and slow process. To start working as an advocate, you need to obtain a license from the department of the emirate where you plan to work.

In addition to a law degree, you need to have experience in this area — at least 5 years in your country. This experience must be confirmed to prove you are qualified.

Documents to Be Provided

First, it is a higher education diploma that must be translated into English and legalized. The legalization of documents is a standard procedure that doesn’t cause any difficulties. There are special companies working on this issue. In the UAE, you can translate documents from English into Arabic

If you worked as an advocate, you must have a relevant certificate. If you were a member of the bar association, you must take there a document confirming this. All documents must also be translated into English and legalized.

If you haven't worked as an advocate, but you have a legal education and in your country, you worked as a lawyer, you must take a certificate from your company, which will show the working period in this position and summarize your main responsibilities. The employment book in Dubai is rarely accepted, so it is better to take this certificate from work.

What’s Next after Collecting All the Necessary Documents?

After collecting all the necessary documents, you need to contact the Legal Affairs Department. The Department has an official website where you can see all the information while being in your hometown.

This department will consider your documents and issue you a license to practice law. But since you are not a citizen of the UAE, you must apply on behalf of your sponsor, i.e. the company where you will work.

A small conclusion: First, you find a job as an advocate, and then apply for a license on behalf of the company.

Languages You Need to Work as an Advocate in Dubai

Initially, this should be a good level of English. If you want to develop in the legal field, you should learn the Arabic language to understand clients better and provide them expertise at the appropriate level.

Tests and Exams You Need to Pass to Confirm Your Qualifications

The government is concerned about qualified specialists working in the legal field of the UAE, so each employee connected with legal activity is being trained and passes exams every six months.

Training involves legal developments at the federal level. If you don’t pass exams and prove your level of knowledge, your license will not be confirmed, and you will no longer be able to work in the UAE.

The Bottom Line

You can work here in a consulting company as an international lawyer. Your English must be of a very high level, and it is advisable to pass the IELTS exam. In this case, you do not need to know the fundamentals of the legislation of the UAE, as in consulting companies, special attention is paid to the law of the country on whose behalf you work.

If your position is officially called a legal consultant, you must be licensed by the Legal Affairs Department. If you plan to work as a legal assistant in the field of IT, corporate, or international law, you don't need a license.