RoboForex Launching New Promo, Raffling $1,100,000 This Time

RoboForex Launching New Promo, Raffling $1,100,000 This Time

RoboForex has launched a new promo action for clients and partners to celebrates the company's 11th birthday. The prize fund amounts to $1,100,000!

The action started on July 1st, 2021 and will last for the next 10 months. Over 500 prizes from $1,000 to $20,000 will be raffled off from July 2021 through April 2022. Every month, 54 money prizes for 110,000 USD total will be raffled. The prizes will be distributed among those who own special Coupons given for trading on RoboForex accounts or driving in clients as partners. You may get up to 3 coupons from different categories a month.

How to get a Coupon?

Trade on Prime accounts

Prime accounts offer the best conditions ever provided by the company. Trading on Prime, you get spreads from 0 points, commission fees from just 10 USD per 1 million USD trade turnover, and leverage of up to 1:300. Prime accounts are perfect for using expert advisors and trading robots.

To get a Coupon:

  • Deposit a Prime account for at least 300 USD.
  • Trade volume must be no less than 3 lots per account*.

* Only positions in currency pairs and metals opened the current month are taken into account.

Open a Prime account

Earn as a Partner

RoboForex offers its Partners up to 60% of the company's profit. All you need to do is attract new active clients.

To get a Coupon:

  • By the end of the current month, get a no less than 300 USD commission.
Become a Partner

Become a CopyFX trader

CopyFX is a copy-trading platform that lets successful traders attract subscribers to their strategies and get commission fees. Trading on CopyFX accounts, you not only make your own money but earn it on success of your subscribers.

To get a Coupon:

  • Get into the Top-30 CopyFX traders with Prime accounts of the current month.
Open a Prime account on CopyFX

How are prizes raffled?

Fulfilling the above-mentioned requirements, you get your precious Coupons at the end of the month. Now all you need to do is wait for the results of the raffle announced on the first Friday of the next month after the current one.

For example, if you got you Coupon in July 2021, you will know the results on the first Friday of August, which is August 6th, 2021. Check out the dates and results of raffled on our special website page.

How are the winners determined?

Every Coupon has a unique 6-digit number. The closer your Coupon is to the winning combination, the more chances you have for a prize.

The winning combination, in its turn, is constructed is the stock prices of the US 54 leading companies. Each prize place coordinates with a pair of shares, so that the quotations of the latter give the winning combo. For the sake of transparency, closing stock prices are taken on the first Friday of each month from an independent public source —

Combinations are made from the last digits of the quotations of the stocks in pairs decided per each prize place in advance. Check out the list on our website.

An example raffle

On the day of the raffle, Apple (AAPL) shares close at 142.03. For the winning combo, we will take three last digits of the quotations: 203.

Same scenario for Microsoft (MSFT). Say, the market closes at 277.59, and for the winning combo, we take 759.

Hence, for the first place (AAPL+MSFT), the winning combination will be 203759. A person owning a Coupon with a number closest to this will win $20,000 to their trading account, which they will be able to withdraw any moment or use for trading.

More details about the rules here.

Take part in the promo, get maximum Coupons a month, and increase your chances for a victory. Good luck!

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