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Daily HFT Trade Setup – EURUSD Enters HFT Buying Zone

Daily HFT Trade Setup – EURUSD Enters HFT Buying Zone

The analysis of high-frequency trading algorithms today shows that the EURUSD currency pair has reached the light HFT buying pressure zone that is noted at 1.2151 and below.

No distinct bullish signal such a reversal pattern has appeared yet, but the probabilities for that are higher inside the light HFT buy zone. EURUSD bulls may be quick to add to longs if something like that happens.

The break below the prior lows at the 1.2160 zone is a bearish sign, so that's another point that will provide insights in case of a bullish reversal. To reverse the technicals to the bullish side, the price needs to move above this point. Under such a scenario, EURUSD bulls may aim for targets toward the light HFT selling pressure zone, which stands today at 1.2189 and above.

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