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Financial Astrology: Using the Planets to Predict Market Cycles

Financial Astrology: Using the Planets to Predict Market Cycles

Through eras, different cultures and races have used the movement of planets and the positions of constellations to predict future events in various aspects of life. It shouldn't come as a surprise that also in these times, some traders and investors trust the astrological wisdom and apply it to their financial transactions. Financial astrology gives the best dates to invest in specific markets, and also which investments should be avoided.

What is Financial Astrology?

Financial Astrology, also known as Astro-Economics, is a method used to calculate through mathematical psychology the way a market will react on a specific month or date. It is also used in different businesses to know when is the best moment to launch a new product or to open a new store.

If you want to understand how to use financial astrology into your daily business activities, it is essential to study the cycles of the various celestial bodies in the universe and the way they have affected the planet in previous dates. Specifically, traders look for the way those cycles seemed to influence the numbers of the trade market, rising them or lowering them depending on the position of a planet, a star, or the Sun. These cycles are known as Retrograde Cycles, and they are vital tools to study the effect of the stars on the financial markets.

Different ways to interpret the signs in the sky

If you decide to start using financial astrology to improve your business and your trade transactions, you can use various types of tools and charts. You can consult with a professional astrologist, which can give you advice and knowledge. You can also look online for financial astrology charts that provide a comprehensive view of the way the markets will behave in the following days or months.

You can also investigate and create a business horoscope; using specific dates and location can predict how successful a business can be, or what challenges it must go through to reach its goal.

Planets, Zodiac signs, and Houses

The three most essential elements when you study a horoscope chart are the position that a planet and a Zodiac sign have over one of the twelve astrological Houses. Each House represents a specific element of the economy, relations with other businesses, competitions, strategies, and many more. If you want to read a business horoscope chart, you must look for a date and location, select the economic aspect you want to know, and see what planet and what sign is shining over that House.

Zodiac signs indicate tendencies and qualities; for example, if a transaction is done during that date will be confident, aggressive, confused. On the other hand, the planets indicate the abstract force that will affect such trade, like luck, curiosity, longing, and others.


Sceptic traders may see financial astrology as a waste of time, however other traders trust this method to make their investments. It is crucial to remember that reading a horoscope chart is not as simple as it may look, and smart traders should always check with different astrologists before making an investment decision based on Astrology.

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