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Learn Price Action Trading and Find High Probability Trades Like a Pro

Learn Price Action Trading and Find High Probability Trades Like a Pro

You may have heard that professional traders use price action analysis to gain an edge over the competition.

A robust trading methodology, price action can help you to increase your chances of winning in today’s markets. The great advantage is that price action analysis is incredibly straightforward to apply.

Yet, so many new traders think that fancy indicators on complex-looking charts are helping them win at this game. Most often, however, the reality is diametrically the opposite.

Learn to Trade Price Action Like a Pro

While straightforward to use, there is a lot of misleading and outright wrong info circulating on the web. To gain the maximum benefits, you must learn and apply the price action techniques correctly.

The Price Action Trading Strategies course from Forex School Online is built from the ground up. The cornerstones for successful price action trading are first cemented by providing trainees with a solid foundation of core techniques. Then traders are equipped with advanced price action strategies that will allow them to take maximum advantage of the opportunities in the markets.

To complement the trading strategies, students with Forex School Online will also receive a full course on Trading Psychology. No strategy will be effective unless glued together with the right winning mindset. That’s what this part is about. You will be shown what the perfect mindset is for your trading.

Everything You Need to Trade Successfully with Price Action Analysis

You will learn how to trade like a pro. From identifying the great high-probability setups to making A+ trade entries and setting profit targets that actually get achieved. Furthermore, to complete the picture, you will learn how to manage your trades, including when and how to shorten stops for better rewards.

Knowing what markets to trade and what markets to avoid can be just as important as knowing the right strategy. The price action course covers that too, as well as the exact tools you will need to make the most out of the trading strategies.

Learn Price Action Trading and Find High Probability Trades Like a Pro

An example of the price action techniques in action

Below are some of the other trading techniques you’ll learn with the Price Action Trading Strategies course:

  • how to make A+ high-probability trades with trigger signals using the price action story
  • how to best mark support, resistance, price flips & big round numbers for your trades
  • how to identify markets and trade in trends, ranges and against the trend
  • what exactly the false break is, and what markets to use it in for the best effect
  • what meta/fast trading is and how it can speed up your learning time
  • how to take profits, use breakeven correctly and manage trades using rules and a plan
  • how to best manage your trading money with different strategies and market types

Traders who join will also get the Breakeven Trade Management robot (EA). This expert advisor will move your trades to breakeven or into profit automatically, even when you are not at your computer.

Finally, you will be able to make use of the Students Only Trading Forum, where you can discuss your progress and trading ideas with other price action traders.

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