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Managed Forex Accounts

Managed Forex Accounts

We all know that the Forex Market is shared between traders and investors, where traders seek to capitalize on short-term trends that last for a short period of time and investors will tend to hold their assets for more extended periods of time.

Managed Forex accounts offer exposure to an asset class different than the one you see on stocks or bonds.

Currencies do not deliver returns in the form of interest payments or dividends like equities do. These instead merely wage that the value of an asset will rise or fall compared to another.

So, rather than investing in currencies as a means of hedging risk, the foreign exchange traders act more as speculators in the market than investors.

The price of safe trades

The Foreign exchange market is an environment commonly used by sophisticated traders, people who know how to take advantage of their ability to handle a massive amount of borrowed money to amplify positive feedback.

The Forex market is the most active market in the world, which equals more liquidity and a faster-paced trading action than what the stock market regularly offers, which also gives it lower transaction costs.

But all these great things also make the Forex market a dangerous place for new investors and traders, who might not understand many factors like leverage, economic releases, and other things that might affect currency prices.

Here's where managed Forex accounts come in. With this type of account, they take advantage of the expertise of a proven Forex trader to handle their investment in the Forex market while paying from 20% to 30% of a trade's earning as a fee for its service.

Fraud or scam prevention

Giving your money to an independent manager might be dangerous because even though he might say he’s an expert, a professional who will do the best for your investment, he might actually be only trying to take money from you.

Because of this, many trading platforms give users the option to let traders act as managers using the account structure of the broker, which prevents an individual from taking funds out and spend them, this makes Forex managed accounts a better option than just letting an independent manager trade your money for you.

Follow professionals on Purple Trading

Managed Forex Accounts

Purple Trading offers the new investor the opportunity to copy trades and use professional traders to take advantage of their experience and abilities. Providing hundreds of strategies and giving you a fully regulated environment throughout EU with the highest possible security of the investor's capital.

Managed Forex Accounts

Purple Trading offers cooperation with some of the most professional and suitable traders that can demonstrate long-term results to their investors. They also provide to their investors the PPF Banka to keep their deposits saved, which is a regulated EU bank.

What Purple Trading does is that its technology works to make things simpler and more comfortable to their user base, creating conditions that give the opportunity to make a profit no matter whether they are experienced or still learning how to trade.