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What Jobs Are There In Forex?

What Jobs Are There In Forex?

First off, you have to know that working in FOREX involves some kind of strange work hours, whole non-sleeps days, and a wide knowledge about laws and regulations which rule financial accounts and transactions.

This is should be expected since FOREX markets are open 24 hours a day and for five days per week, so being a couch potato will not help you a lot in this market.

Transactions have a deadline, jobs are fast-paced, and financial accounts must be managed with regulation. However, traders do not always have the similar approach to a number of comprehensive skills, like personal finances or portfolio management, but do not worry, there are some others alternatives for FOREX traders in order to improve their efficiency and comprehension in the fields.

To apply to some jobs, you will have to do one or more exams first. Another important thing you have to bear in mind is that you could be working in a foreign country, so the FOREX industry is an opportunity for living abroad. Therefore, it may be convenient you to know some foreign languages, like German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and others. It may be helpful and required for some (and good) positions.

Here and today, we show you some of jobs you could apply depending on your interests:

1. FOREX Market Analyst/Currency Researcher/Currency Strategist

They are mostly known as currency researcher, and they work writing daily commentaries about the FOREX market, like how is the status of the major currencies and world events that may interfere with prices.

For this work, you would need to know how to deal with quantitative analysis to provide efficient, quickly and high-quality content.

An analyst is able to help clients and get them comfortable with the trading experience. They need to be trusted as a FOREX source and to promote their clients.

2. FOREX Account Manager/Professional Trader/Institutional Trader

This is perfect for those who are able to stand (successfully) by their own. Account managers are those who deal with the buying/selling decisions, but bear in mind these positions are highly stake. People as account managers have the responsibility for huge amounts of money and their reputation depends in how well they handle those funds

3. Forex Industry Regulator

As a regulator, your duty is to prevent frauds, farces and scams. You can operate in public or private sector, but you would need the help and will have to hire different professionals (auditors, economist, trading specialist, management professionals) because you may be “present” In numerous countries.

4. Forex Exchange Operations, Trade Audit Associate and Exchange Operations Manager

Here, you take care of new customers accounts, processing customers withdrawals, transfers, and deposits. That is only to provide customer service. Also, you will need previous brokerage experience.

5. Forex Software Developer

Here, your work will be to create platforms that allow users to access currency pricing data. You may need a bachelor’s in computer science, computer engineering, or knowledge of programming languages such JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and others.