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[EA MT4] Solid Crossover System "ATRCross"

[EA MT4] Solid Crossover System

ATR is one of the widely familiar indicators. It is often used for volatility, but there are many other uses.

Here, a crossover system using the ATR is converted into an EA (automatic trading software or robot). In fact, the ATR can be used directly for trading also.

EA execution screen. Short-term ATR is displayed in the top subwindow, and the above ATR is displayed in the subwindow below it.

[EA MT4] Solid Crossover System

Results of optimization and backtesting. The period is from April 1, 2017, to November 1, 2019. Dollar/Yen hourly chart. Parameter set file is included in the EA file.

Indicators used:

  • ATR

Entry logic:

This EA will place a buy order if the following conditions are met (for sell orders is the opposite).

  • Short-term ATR exceeded long-term ATR

This entry logic is only confirmed when a new candlestick is created.

Exit Logic:

This EA uses the “take profit” and “stop loss” instructions defined in the parameters to complete the trade. ATR stop loss can also be used.


The fact that the short-term ATR is below the long-term ATR figure indicates an increase in short-term volatility. It is this EA that trades this increase in volatility. In this way, the logic of this EA is very simple, and it is an easy-to-use EA. Also, by default, when volatility is high, buy/sell orders are placed when volatility decreases. These are the parameters:

  • The period used to calculate short-term ATR
  • The period used for long-term ATR calculation

Inversion is also possible by changing the numerical values.

Compatibility: MT4


Basic parameters: Indicator parameters:

  • TakeProfit
  • StopLoss
  • UseATRStop - Defines whether the EA uses ATRStop or not. If true, the EA sets stoploss based on ATR.
  • ATR - Multiplier of ATRStop.
  • Lots
  • TrailingStop

[EA MT4] Solid Crossover System

Note: Backtest results may be optimized. Also, the backtest results may differ from the trading results when using a live trading account. Please understand this point before using the EA.

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