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Deriv MT5 Swap-Free account

Deriv MT5 Swap-Free account

Product name: Deriv MT5 Swap-Free account

Available on: Deriv MT5 

Available to: Traders from specific, non-EU countries. 

Accessible from:  Deriv Trader’s Hub

Demo account: Yes, with 10,000 USD virtual funds

What is a Deriv MT5 Swap-Free account:

A Deriv MT5 Swap-Free account is designed for traders wanting to engage in CFD trading overnight without incurring interest or swap charges. 

This account type offers CFD trading on select derived and financial assets, with 24/7 trading on proprietary Synthetic indices and Cryptocurrencies, allowing traders to leave positions open for extended periods without additional charges or incurring interest. 

With a Deriv Swap-Free account, traders can enjoy swap-free trading on a wide range of global markets.

No swap charges are applied to various asset classes, including Forex, certain Derived indices, Stocks and indices, Cryptocurrencies, and ETFs. This makes the Deriv Swap-Free account suitable for traders who want to maintain interest-free positions across various financial instruments.


What is the difference between the Deriv MT5 Swap-Free account and the Deriv MT5 Financial and Derived accounts?

The Deriv MT5 Derived account offers exclusive trading of Derived indices, and the Deriv MT5 Financial account offers CFDs on more than 150 financial instruments. 

In contrast, the Deriv MT5 Swap-free account offers swap-free CFD trading on selected derived and financial assets with no overnight fees or interest gains. It encompasses several Synthetic indices assets and a variety of financial assets except Forex micro and Commodities. 

However, this account type is available to all traders who prefer to avoid interest charges or want to engage in long-term, cost-effective trading strategies.


What are the benefits of swap–free trading?

      No rollover fees

      Reduced trading costs

      Positions can be held longer with no time constraints

NOTE: Trading conditions, products, and platforms may differ depending on your country of residence. Swap-free trading is available only on Swap-free trading accounts.


The advanced features, robust architecture, and extensive algorithmic integrations in the MT5 platform make it ideal for accommodating brokers’ needs. Its technical sophistication also allows brokers to provide clients with a seamless and customised trading experience that caters to their strategies,” said Rakshit Choudary, Chief Operating Officer of Deriv.

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