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Forex Alerts

Forex Alerts

They're often used by traders around the globe as a way to assist them in decisions making about their trades.

It is quite a deal in trading and it's one of the most important and useful tools that a forex trader could use.

When looking for forex trading signals or alerts, there are many apps available to provide that service to anyone who needs it.

For those who look for specific things, some apps will suit them the best, like receiving signals on their phone or letting you copy the alerts with one click, or perhaps something more automatic; every user has their own taste on signals, and this list will cover as much as you can see.

Naga Trader App :

Formerly known as Swipestox, it stands out from many copy trading services and signals in that this one's relevant for being available in both PC and as a mobile app. It first came out as a mobile app, and later on, it went available as a web platform, mainly because many users wanted the PC browser adaptation thanks to how good it was and how much success it achieved as a mobile app only.

Naga Trader can go through a generated list made by the community with the best trades and research all their characteristics , like parameter observations, which let them evaluate stop and profit from trades and analyse the performance of other traders who generated the signal.

After you watch every property from the alert, you get the option to save it in a watch list, discard it, or to copy immediately . It also offers Retail and Social Trading , as well as many tools to enhance your trading experience with many other features available.


Founded years ago, in 2006, Etoro started as a web platform, and with time, its team released the mobile app. What makes eToro such a great trading platform is that it has one of the biggest social trading networks, with a growing community with more than 4 million users, and this vast community is the main reason for providing you with hundreds of free forex signals , offering you as well with many tools, and capabilities available in both the web platform and the eToro App .

Apart from being a great signal provider and Forex broker, eToro offers many other types of investment instruments for their consumers. They also make use of CFDs to provide signals from multiple tools, going from currencies to cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities and more.

Foresight FX:

Foresight FX might only be a web-based signal service , but it does an excellent job at it. It offers daily trading signals and educational courses in forex trading for the new traders.

Those who decide to subscribe into Foresight FX will receive an email every day with updates on their page, letting them know of any signal and alert with static information and support.

Their trading courses and signals are a purely technical analysis of what’s currently going on in the market, making no use of fundamental factors in their working methods.

Profitable Forex Trading Newsletter - Fx Trading Revolution

The Profitable Forex Trading Newsletter is a great way to receive and trade Forex signals manually and is better suited for a somewhat longer-term type of trading such as swing trading. The trading signals are generated by proven trading strategies based on fundamental and technical analysis and the highest probability trades are sent to the subscribers.

If you are interested in receiving these high-probability Forex trading signals, be sure to subscribe to our Free Profitable Forex newsletter here:


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