Crusader - a unique indicator that is always one step ahead

Crusader - a unique indicator that is always one step ahead

The Crusader is one of the newest and most advanced trading indicators. With not only scalping algorithms, but also medium and long term trading algorithms at its basis, it can defacto serve traders across the entire trading spectrum.

There are even traders who can achieve such success rates with this indicator that it is literally and literally equivalent to a miracle.

  • Market disposition indicator
  • User Intensity: Moderately Advanced
  • Usage: Forex, Stocks, Gold
  • Compatibility: MetaTrader 4
  • Free indicator updates

Trading with the indicator

As mentioned in the introduction, the Crusader uses a full range of algorithms, but even so, as far as trading is concerned, it remains a very user-friendly trading indicator whose signals can be understood by anyone in a relatively short time. 

The Crusader is basically made up of two lines (upper - blue, lower - orange) whose essence is to inform about the current probable trend situation. Less experienced traders may end up actually using these lines as trend indicators (orange-rise, blue-decline), but in the case of the more skilled ones, it is possible to use these lines to some extent to predict future trend changes and thus enter before the line itself even changes, which can take the trader an important step forward.  

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