How to trade your forex email signals automatically

How to trade your forex email signals automatically

So you subscribed to a new signal service, or you got a new indicator that emails you alerts.

That's great, but when you get the emails, you're not always free to place the trade. What if you're sleeping? or working? or just busy? Then you miss those signals. Forex signals could come at any time, it's a 24 hour market.

It's a problem.

Now there's a solution. There is a way to have all those email signals traded automatically.

It's a service called Signals Pal.

With Signals Pal, you forward your email signals to Signals Pal and the program will read them, parse them and submit the recommended trades to your MT4 account. All automated.

No more feeling bad because you missed a trade signal. No more wondering if your trade results would be different had you traded all the recommended signals.

It's also the convenience of it, why bother entering trades manually all the time when you can have it all automated for you?

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