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Navigating the World of Forex with Pacific Financial Derivatives

Navigating the World of Forex with Pacific Financial Derivatives

An Introduction to Pacific Financial Derivatives Ltd (PFD)

Pacific Financial Derivatives Ltd (PFD) is a New Zealand-registered company with a pedigree dating back to 1999. The firm is entirely owned by a seasoned Japanese investor who brings a wealth of experience from managing similar large-scale derivative institutions in Japan. PFD has been an integral part of the New Zealand financial market since the turn of the century and has been regulated since 2005.

PFD's Regulatory Journey and Credibility

Initially, PFD was authorized in 1999 by the erstwhile Securities Commission to serve as an Authorized Introducing Broker with the NZ Futures & Options Exchange. It later became an NZX Futures & Options Participant Firm, retaining this status until the NZX discontinued oversight of Futures & Options participants in September 2011. The Financial Markets Authority accredited PFD as an Authorized Futures Dealer in the same year, further cementing its industry standing.

Wide Range of Trading Services

PFD provides a comprehensive suite of brokerage services and trading platforms. Its offerings extend to Spot Foreign Exchange, Spot Metals, Spot Oil, Commodities, CFDs, and Indices, and it also deals in Futures CFD Contracts. Catering to a diverse clientele of small, medium, and large investors globally, PFD presents a unique blend of top-tier trading technology, seamless execution, and stellar customer service.

New Zealand's Financial Landscape and PFD's Position

Based in Auckland, New Zealand's financial hub, PFD is strategically positioned at the heart of the financial market. As a member of the Financial Service Provider Register (FSP 28944), PFD operates within a robust regulatory environment. New Zealand's creditworthiness, backed by moderate public debt, fiscal prudence, and robust public institutions, offers an advantageous backdrop for financial operations.

Client-Friendly Features and Options

PFD takes pride in prioritizing clients' needs, offering both online and paper mode withdrawal options for convenience. The company also provides the flexibility of demo and Islamic accounts. Trading with PFD is facilitated via the MetaTrader 4 platform, a popular choice among traders for its reliability and functionality.

Ensuring Client Safety and Market Competitive Edge

At PFD, client funds are kept safe and segregated. It offers a competitive FX leverage of up to 300:1 and operates as a No Dealing Desk Broker. PFD's pricing is competitive and driven by market trends, ensuring deep liquidity and quality trade execution. Importantly, PFD imposes no restrictions on trader strategies, promoting a fair and transparent trading environment.


Pacific Financial Derivatives Ltd (PFD) is a trusted and reliable broker, offering a range of trading services within a secure, regulated environment. With its robust technology, competitive pricing, and a commitment to customer service, PFD is the go-to choice for traders seeking high-end performance with a personal touch.

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